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Hints & Tips - getting the most from this site

The 'search' button is pretty well self explanitory, but there are some useful tricks that may help you locate a particular piece of work. For example, you can simply enter a year (yyyy) in the search box and a list of all the works I have produced for that year will be displayed for you to select from - a "back" and "next" button will appear if there are more titles for you to look at.
You may also enter in the search box a single word that will be a subject of interest to you. By entering that word, you will again be presented with a list of titles that will be related to the word. On some occasions you may wish to see works that explore an emotion, try entering that word (e.g. "joy")...
All the titles will be displayed in chronological order with the latest work at the top of the list.

If you want to see all the art work via the search button, then simply enter "all" or hit the "search" key without entering anything in the box. But, be warned, there are quite a lot of images!!

The other buttons are for selecting works by a category. However, if a work is not part of a 'Project', 'Collection' or 'Series' then you will miss it!! Using the 'Media' category will capture all the art works in a meaningful way. When using these buttons, a list of titles will be produced and, upon selecting any one of them, a year - or list of years - will be displayed on the right of the window, for you to click, that will contain all the relevant images.

I hope this makes sense and that you enjoy your visit.

Thank you,