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I wanted to draw some panels to explore the possibilities of linking one image with another, whilst retaining the sense of the individual panel. I had already drawn a landscape in four panels some years ago, but this was to be a much bigger project. I intended there to be around 10 - 12 panels, but revised this part way through the project and ended up with 14! I allowed myself two years to complete - from midsummer 98 to midsummer 2000. I find it important to have an end time or I might never finish. I didn't plan the panels before embarking on the project, I just had a vague idea of a landscape throughout the year - but I definitely didn't want to get into the "Jan/snowdrops, Feb/daffodils" frame of mind. So the panels very loosely follow a year and also follow, again loosely, the times of the day. Some of the events and characters are from the past, some from the present, and some have not yet happened.

The whole set of panels join up to make a large circle, to be walked around, a landscape with no beginning or end.

It is based on Cornwall but with few recognisable landmarks. I have taken favourite places and put them together with places of the imagination, to form a quite different landscape. Having finished the panels in the summer of 2000, I soon found myself, to my surprise, thinking about the next set. At the moment, however, I am sticking to individual drawings!

You can visit this site Millennium Panels to see how they should be viewed.