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The LOST LANES years
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Sometimes, when I'm out driving, I'm tempted to deviate from my route, lured by some quiet, unassuming lane. I once drove down a lane so narrow and steep it was like plunging down a green chute, the car only just squeezing through between high stone hedges. I have discovered new places and new routes to familiar places; quiet secret corners, fantastic views or ancient farmsteads. The crisscrossing of the land with these aged lanes is quite amazing. All of them at one time vitally important, nowadays some are almost unused, slipping back into overgrown obscurity.

There are lanes I've discovered only to lose again, sure I knew the way to re-find them, but still they elude me.

And there are the lost lanes of childhood, routes no longer needed, bulldozed out of existence to make bigger fields. I still carry their patterns in my head.

So, with "Lost Lanes" I celebrate and explore the routes that make up my personal web of journeys. Places that hooked my curiosity with their beguiling twists and turns. Places I visit in memory and places newly discovered, shaped both by the needs of a distant people and the contours of the land.